Preventive Dentistry

Like every other part of our body teeth also needs care. Everyone wants their teeth should look white, clean and healthy gums. (ADA) American dental association recommends people to visit the dentist for routine dental exams as suggested by their dentist.

So how can we do this?

Don’t worry we are here to help you; Bensalem smiles 4U dental care provides services for preventive dentistry. These exams are made to have a look at teeth that they are clean, strong and white.

Bensalem smiles 4U dental care have these services for you-


Bensalem dental care provides you regular routine exam as per doctor’s recommendation. This exam helps in protecting your teeth from gems, cavity, infection or any other dental problem. If your teeth are under very critical problem you need a frequent dental check- ups , and if you are under lower critical problems then you can visit once a year or as suggested by the dentist. These check-ups will help to identify any problem in starting as it starts to grow, so that we can prevent the problem before it turns into a big dental problem.


Digital x- ray is also known as radiographs, a very important part of dental treatment. Digital X-Rays helps in diagnosis the tooth problems. In digital x-ray, a type of vibe passes through the soft tissues and is absorbed by dense tissue. Bone and teeth are very dense that’s why absorbs X-rays, while in gums and cheeks X-rays passes more frequently.


Cleaning of our teeth is very important. Academy of General Dentistry recommends taking a dental clean up in every 6 month. One should take a dental clean up twice a year. In this cleaning treatment your teeth that really need special attention are cleaned, all the difficult areas, critical places in your mouth are cleaned only through this preventive cleaning.


When it comes to children, parents are really a concern for their good health and best care. Also for teeth, parents want their kids to have healthy gums and teeth. They have many questions like How is it possible?

How do I take care of my kid's teeth?

How to know if kids need a dentist?

For all those questions there is one solution, Bensalem Smile 4 U dental care, they care for kids teeth as well because Bensalem Smiles 4 U dental care knows how important your kid’s teeth are.

Kids really need to care for their teeth from the beginning, so that they can protect their teeth from big dental problems. Some daily tips to care for your teeth are:-

  • Kids should start brushing at the age of 3.
  • Brush your teeth daily with the pea-sized fluoride toothpaste
  • Brush your teeth twice daily.
  • Start flossing daily to build a good habit for the future.
  • Visit the dentist every 6 months